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My account is suspended - what can I do?

My account has been suspended - what can I do?


You may try and access your website and find that it has been suspended. This could be due to either of the following reasons:

You have unpaid invoices
Your account has been sending spam or malicious activity has been detected

1. Unpaid invoices

Login to the client area: Login to the client area with the username and password you used to register.
Click on unpaid invoices: Navigate to your unpaid invoices on the dashboard, by clicking on the Unpaid Invoices box.
Pay unpaid invoices: Click on each invoice and choose your preferred payment method on the right to settle your invoice. Once unpaid invoices have been settled, your service will automatically be unsuspended. Should you want to setup recurring billing to avoid having to pay invoices manually each month, you can read this article

Note: Should you not have any unpaid invoices, please proceed to the section to below on how to resolve your account suspension.

2. Malicious account activity

Your account could have been suspended due to any of the following reasons:

Your cPanel/DirectAdmin account has been compromised due to a weak password, or malware on your device which has led to an unauthorized login to your account.
Your account has been sending spam through the website due to an outdated Wordpress, outdated plugins, incorrect file permissions or poorly coded php scripts which have been compromised.
One or more of your email accounts have been compromised due to a weak password, or malware on your device which has led to spam being sent out.
Your account has been suspended as a result of a violation of our terms and conditions.

Kindly open a support ticket and one of our support staff will advise on the reason for suspension and how to resolve it.


If your account was suspended due to Wordpress or its plugins being out of date, please ensure that your Wordpress installation and plugins are kept up to date regularly. Vulnerabilities are regularly found in plugins which if out of date lead to site compromise and account suspension. Remember to backup your site before making significant changes and consult with a server administrator if you encounter complex server or configuration issues.

Updated on: 01/02/2024

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