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How can I move my hosting to VE.Host?

How can I transfer to VE.Host?


We're glad you've decided to join us, you won't be sorry The process of transferring a domain and hosting from another provider to us is a straightforward process which will ensure that all your emails and files are backed up, and restored on our platform. The steps required to transfer your hosting to VE.Host are as follows:

Backup: Create a backup of your hosting account. You can normally do this by logging into your hosting control panel (cPanel / DirectAdmin) with your current host and following the prompts to create a backup. If this option isn't there, you can request a full account backup from your current host or request us to create a backup of your account if you're unsure how to do so.
Order & Restore: Once we have the backup of your account, you can proceed to order a hosting package which is large enough to store the data from your previous host. We can then restore your data to our servers. Alternatively, we can assist you with order a new hosting package with us.
Transfer: Transfer your domain to us by reading this article. Alternatively you can request that we put the transfer through from our end. It is important to ensure that your account has been backed up and restored as per 1. and 2. above before requesting a transfer. Failure to do this will result in loss of emails and website data.

Should you wish to transfer your domain and hosting to VE.Host without backing up your data from your current web host, you can simply read this article which will explain how to transfer your domain to VE.Host. Throughout the transfer process, you can add hosting to your shopping cart. Please note that if you decide to transfer your domain and move your hosting to VE.Host without backing up your account at your previous web host, this will result in the loss of emails and website data.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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