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Create hosting packages in WHM / DirectAdmin reseller hosting

Creating Hosting Packages in cPanel and DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting

Creating hosting packages is a fundamental task if you have a reseller hosting package. Both cPanel and DirectAdmin offer tools for resellers to create predefined hosting packages, which can then be assigned to customers' accounts. This knowledge base article will guide you through the steps to create hosting packages in both cPanel and DirectAdmin reseller hosting environments.

Creating Hosting Packages in cPanel

If you're a cPanel reseller, creating packages is an efficient way to manage the resources allocated to your clients. Here's how you can create hosting packages in cPanel:

1. Log into WHM

First, access your Web Host Manager (WHM) using your reseller login credentials. WHM is where you'll perform administrative tasks like creating packages.

2. Navigate to Add a Package

Once logged in, find the Packages section in the left sidebar and click on Add a Package.

3. Define Package Name and Resources

In the Add a Package interface, you'll need to specify a name for your package and set the limits for resources such as disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, databases, and other services based on what you want to offer your clients.

4. Select Options

You can also configure other settings like cPanel themes, language, and shell access.

5. Create the Package

After configuring all the settings, click on Add to create your new hosting package. Once created, this package can be assigned to new or existing accounts through the Create a New Account or Upgrade/Downgrade an Account options in WHM.

Creating Hosting Packages in DirectAdmin

If you have a DirectAdmin reseller package (recommended) you can create user hosting packages as follows:

1. Log into DirectAdmin

Use your reseller login credentials to access your DirectAdmin control panel.

2. Access Reseller Tools

Look for the Reseller Level section in the DirectAdmin interface. This section allows you to manage your reseller activities.

3. Navigate to Manage User Packages

Inside the Reseller Level section, find and click on Manage User Packages.

4. Create a New Package

Click on Add Package. You'll be prompted to fill in details for the new package, including name, bandwidth, disk space, the number of domains, email accounts, database limits, and other features you want to include.

5. Configure Package Settings

Fill in the required information based on the resources and services you intend to provide to your clients. Each option will have a brief explanation to guide you.

6. Save the Package

After setting up all the details, click on Save to create the package. This package will now be available to assign to users within your DirectAdmin reseller account.


Creating hosting packages as a reseller in either cPanel or DirectAdmin is straightforward. By following the steps outlined above, you can efficiently manage the resources and services you offer to your clients. Remember, the key to successful reseller hosting is providing packages that meet the diverse needs of your clients while ensuring optimal resource allocation and management. Always keep an eye on the market trends and adjust your packages accordingly to stay competitive.

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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